Personal Styled Bundle Form


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Please fill out this form to the best of your ability to receive your curated box of sustainable clothing from Humble Coalition, styled around your preferences! 

  1. Small - 3 pieces OR 1 large + 2 small -  $ 35

                Example 1 : Vintage blouse, bottoms, accessory                

                Example 2:  shirt, sweater, bottoms

      2. Medium - 3-5 pieces -  $50

                 Example 1: Vintage blouse, bottoms, coat

                 Example 2: Dress, blouse, Jacket, Shoes

       3. Large - 5-8 pieces - $75

                Example 1: Shirt, Sweater, Accessory, Bottom, Jacket, Shoes

                Example 2: Blouse, Blazer, 2 accessories, Jacket + Dress

***These are just a few examples of the combinations. Numerous more can exist based on your preferences and our supply.



Now tell us about yourself!

  1. Size : 

(If you can include measurements even better, vintage sizes do not always equate to modern sizes):

         Bust/ Pit-pit:





  1. How would you best describe your overall style (pick more than one if applicable!)
  • Casual (t-shirt, joggers/ leggings, sweaters, hoodies)
  • Preppy (turtlenecks, cardigans, high waisted jeans)
  • Bohemian (long skirts, wide leg pants, prints)
  • Feminine: (blouses, pastels, pleated skirts)
  • Classic (trousers, button up shirts, pencil skirts)
  • Grunge/ Edgy (Leather, combat boots, distressed jeans)
  • Other ________________________________


     2. What decade was your favorite for fashion:


     3. What are some activities that you enjoy and feel could use a style refresher        from this box  (ex: work, outings with friends, weekend family adventures)


    4. Or is there a specific event you want this bundle for (wedding, vacation)?

  1. What are some of your favorite pieces of clothing to wear: 


  1. What you would absolutely NOT wear


  1. Prints/ colors/ patterns you like/ dislike?


  1. Are there any assets that you prefer not to flaunt?


  1. Any TV shows or celebrities whose fashion you love?

Name:                                                                                 Date: 

**** Please email the form back to You can simply fill out the answers and take a picture of the form. If you do not have a printer IU can send you a google doc to fill out or you can simply just email me the answers in the your email body. I will then send you an invoice with a link to pay. We accept most methods of payment (credit card, paypal, apple pay, google pay). Your box is secured and starts getting created as soon as I have both, this form and the payment!

***Shipping will range from $8-$10 as these will be larger than our usual packages, or FREE local available in Pacifica

****If there is a rare case where I missed the mark and you receive something you wouldn’t wear, I am happy to exchange it for a similar piece of your choice from our website as long as you can be responsible for shipping/ dropping it off.